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Nunavut Water Board Office

Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

Completed in 2019

The Nunavut Water Board office is designed around a central courtyard, which contains a gently sloping ramp leading up to the main entrance. The u-shaped design of the building results from the intent to provide all offices with direct access to views and natural light, while working within the constraints of the site. The central courtyard creates a communal outdoor space that is lifted off the ground – offering some separation from the incessant dust (summer) and snow (winter) of the Gjoa Haven groundscape. A wind and snow study was undertaken to ensure that the courtyard would both be sheltered from the wind, and avoid any snow drifting effects. 

The lobby and boardroom provide a flexible space with wide views to the ocean. A large custom tackboard map – replacing a well-used paper map in the old office space – showcases the Nunavut water systems, for study and use by staff and the community.

Administrative offices are located closer to the main entrance, while technical staff are grouped together in the most private end of the building. The staff room has direct, private access to outdoor space and natural light, while maintaining separation from the public.

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