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Gjoa Haven Hamlet Office Renovation & Addition

Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

Completed in 2017

The existing community hall in Gjoa Haven was renovated into a new hamlet office. A focus was placed on "bringing the outdoors in" through the addition of skylights, which offer natural lighting and views to the sky from inside every office, even those located at the internal core of the building. The lobby space incorporated flexible/multi-use furniture, as well as large sliding glass doors to the council chamber, allowing the chamber to be opened up and used as a community meeting space when required.

Display of cultural artifacts was a key component in the public spaces. Display cases were built in for the display of various artifacts and artworks, with stands provided for sculptures. A kayak was hung from the ceiling of the main hall. This space acts as an inviting, comfortable environment environment where members of the public can drop in, gather and feel at ease. Interior materials and colour palettes were carefully selected to make reference to natural landscapes, and to provide a sense of warmth. 

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