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Taylor Architecture Group is a northern design firm founded in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

We live and work in a unique region. Our projects respond to the conditions of the far north: an extreme climate with variable daylight hours, vast distances between remote communities, and a diverse cultural landscape. Over the decades we’ve spent getting to know this territory, TAG has built an integrated design practice that provides focused services for northerners. Our process encourages community participation, creates local employment opportunities, and celebrates cultural and artistic practices — while developing technically-sound, sustainable building solutions for each site and climate.

The firm was founded by Gino Pin in Yellowknife in 1983. Simon Taylor joined in 1994, became a partner of Pin-Taylor Architects in 2002, and became the sole owner of Taylor Architecture Group in 2014. Building on a legacy of over forty years, TAG is one of the longest-standing architecture firms in northern Canada.

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