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East Three Schools

Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Completed in 2012

East Three Schools is a 12,000-sqm, two-storey school facility that combines an Elementary and High School joined together by a double gymnasium and set in a newly landscaped site. The creation of large gathering areas and smaller break-out areas adjacent to classrooms, in combination with an interior glazing strategy, allows teachers to expand the learning environment outside of the traditional classroom walls.

Through consultation with various community stakeholders, a consistent approach was developed for incorporating cultural imagery in and around the school, with a focus on the natural and traditional history of the region. Found logs were used to create playground equipment. Imagery of local wildlife was incorporated into patterns on the wall and floor surfaces. Northern games are illustrated on the walls of the gymnasium. Site landscaping, views to the exterior, natural lighting, and cultural imagery combine to create an educational environment that is specifically representative of the Inuvik region.

Awarded 2nd Place: Public Spaces, 2015 NWTAA Architectural Awards

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