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Kiilinik High School

Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Completed in 2002

Kiilinik High School was designed as a heritage-based community education centre and was developed in collaboration with local Elders and youth. As the building includes public spaces - a library and Cultural Heritage Centre - the facility is designed not only for students and teachers, but for the entire community of Cambridge Bay.

The building's layout on site responds sensitively to the local patterns of snow accumulation, wind and sun.  The rounded building turns its back to the wind, minimizing snow build-up on and around the building and using natural wind-flow patterns to scourge the perimeter of snow. Clerestory glazing and roof lighting are designed to capitalize on the amount of light entering the school in winter when daylight is limited -- while reducing the amount of light, heat build-up and glare created by a summer sun that never sets.

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