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NWT Legislative Assembly

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Completed in 1993

This project was a joint venture between TAG (formerly Pin-Matthews Architects) and FSC Architects & Engineers, with construction documents produced by Matsuzaki Architects.

The Legislative Assembly Building is nestled among the trees on the Capital Site by the edge of Frame Lake, a short walk from the centre of Yellowknife.  It is set in nature, conscious of sky, sun, land and water, all of which are vital to the people of the North both materially and spiritually.  The building is sited to accentuate the intimacy of its relationship with the granite outcrops, the edge of the lake and the peat bog. Expansive views of the site are carried into the building, with each interior space focusing outwards.

Building walls are clad in a mix of sheet and cast zinc panels and lightly tinted green glazing.  Panels were cast on local granite outcroppings to reflect the quality of the texture of the local landscape. Zinc is featured prominently because of its northern provenance and its subtle weathering qualities.  Over time, the zinc forms a patina that will marry the building to its granitic surroundings.

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